Dublin Carpet Cleaning Tips

Dublin Carpet Cleaning Tips

Have you questioned why one person’s carpet stays clean with 3 youngsters and various pets and another’s appears like a battlefield of grime, sticky drinks stains, and odours? It would be as a result of one in all these folks understands that to stay your carpets clean and fresh, you’ve got to act before the accidents. There are a variety of preventative measures for keeping your carpets clean, although you’ve got four children, two dogs, and a cat!

No Shoes

This one rule will create all the difference within the lifespan of your carpet. Too often, we have a tendency to begin with sensible intentions-we can make sure the no shoes rule is all the time. However laziness tends to settle in, and before you realise it, everyone seems to be traipsing on your nice clean carpet with their nice, dirty shoes. It’s simple—enforce the no shoes rule at every and all times and your carpet can stay permanently cleaner.

Avoid Food

Another good judgment rule, however nonetheless necessary, may be a no-food-on-the-carpet rule. Clearly, this rule is tougher to enforce if you’ve got youngsters, however, do your best. Food and liquids, as well as to pets, are your carpet’s worst nightmare.


Vacuum a minimum of once per week, however ideally some more too. This keeps dirt and mud from increasing, and has the additional advantage of keeping dust allergies away. Keep in mind to vacuum furnishings your article of furniture also.

Steam Clean

Steam cleansing your carpets is good way make sure of their longevity. Employ professionals or rent a steam cleaner each four to 6 months, looking on the state of your carpet. Look around if you’re unhappy concerning value, as a result of value ranges will differ dramatically for a similar service.

Remove Stains Straightaway

Clean up stains immediately; the longer you allow them to sit, the longer they have to soak in. Blot at the stain with a light soap like dish detergent (Ariel can be good), however do not scrub. To scrub a stain will cause it to get everywhere and wear the fibres of your carpet. Besides gentle detergents, vinegar and drinking water additionally work well. Failing these ways or for darker stains like juice, pet accidents or wine, sprinkle salt or bicarbonate of soda over the stain, let the stain soak in, and vacuum it up. Do not use heat to dry a stain; it seals the stain into your carpet.

Keeping your carpet clean is the easiest method to make sure its longevity and good look. It’s comparatively easy and simply a matter of reminding yourself to be devoted to your carpet. Treat it well, and it ought to last you a lot years (and guests!) to come.


Window Cleaning Dublin

EMW Environmental use the latest reach wash system ,purified water is pumped up through a carbon fibre pole (which can reach up to 30 feet)windows and frames are scrubbed , the brush agitates the glass removing all soap and dirt residue build up from the traditional window cleaning methods .Windows and frames are  then rinsed with pure water and left to dry naturally .This “Reachand Wash” system  allows access to normally Inaccessible areas and avoids the use of ladders. Thus ridding the possibility of damage to gutters, glass panels, Roof tiles, it also removes any risk of structural damage.

dublin window cleaning

We use our own hot purified water system, which has all the impurities normally found in house hold water such as iron, magnesium, fluoride and calcium. Which when used leaves behind a residue that results in smears and streaks.This process will  normally take three cleans to completely remove all residue from within the glass ,We offer this service as a once off clean ,or on a scheduled clean to suit your own needs ,we cover both domestic and commercial properties including…hotels,b&b’s, shopfronts, restaurants, forecourts, shop signs etc

In door window Cleaning is also available using the same purified water, and a low ph level solution.

What is the cost to you:

Typical charges for external window services (including frames)

  • Three bed room house from     (10 windows)    €20
  • Four bedroom house from        (16 windows)     €35
  • Large properties Price on request.

Interior charges for windows are normally charged at the same rates. Discounts are available for clients who avail of our regular scheduled service.

What we offer:


  • Regular scheduled services.
  • Reliable and efficient.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Text or E-mail reminders.


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